OceansX Mission

Everything has a limit, except human potential.

Unleashing that potential to it’s fullest is our big hairy audacious goal.

We believe everyone is an Xplorer.

Inspiring, facilitating, and connecting your Xploring mindset is OceansX.

OceansX wants to be the home of 240 Xplorers in 2028.

Xplore Yourself, Your World, Our Future.

OceansX Principles

Social Security

The individual feeling of social security required for a person to move. OceansX facilitates custom fit social security provisions for every individual that chooses the OceansX way to be their new standard.


The genuine connection between intrinsically motivated individuals and their personal journeys. OceansX facilitates collective human potential to take on complex societal challenges.


The individual feeling of freedom to start and commit to a personal journey. Within OceansX intrinsic motivation becomes the driving factor, generating nothing but true value for society as a consequence.


The level of necessary trust to start solving by doing. OceansX provides an open space in the reality of today to be able to prioritize human potential for the world of tomorrow.

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