Campaign Overview

Support OceansX to prepare for Enhanced Atmospheric Methane Oxidation Field Tests

Xploration Enhanced Atmosphere Methane Oxidation (EAMO) is to assess the feasibility of removing methane from the atmosphere and the exhaust gasses of ships by catalyzing chlorine chemistry in the exhaust…

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40.000,00 Goal
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Amsterdam, Netherlands

Support an Xplorer

Support an Xplorer, you will enable individual Xplorers to go on their unique personal journey and follow their intrinsic motivation to achieve their contribution to societal challenges.

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9.600.000,00 Goal
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Amsterdam, Netherlands

Xploration Coastline

71% of our earth’s surface is covered in water. Yet one out of three people on the planet do not have access to clean drinking water. This is not just…

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512.000,00 Goal
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Amsterdam, Netherlands