Launch Campaign Xploration Coastline

71% of our earth’s surface is covered in water. Yet one out of three people on the planet do not have access to clean drinking water. This is not just an issue that is only happening in developing countries elsewhere. This is happening in your community, all over the world, all the time.

It is the result of many things. One of them is that 96,5% of that water is found in our oceans, it is saturated with salt and undrinkable. Most of the freshwater is locked away in glaciers our deep underground. Less than 1% is available to us.

So why can’t we just take all that seawater, filter out the salt and have nearly an unlimited supply of clean drinkable water? For anyone, anywhere, at any time.

OceansX sets out to Xplore that; with Xploration Coastline.

Coastline leads to a floatable desalination demo plant delivering a robust 1000m3 of drinking water per 24 hrs – equaling 2 drinkwater trucks per hour. All with a zero footprint – a new innovative standard.

This mobile and autonomous plant is deployable to off-grid locations, reducing on-land distribution dependency. It’s modular build makes Coastline green energy production adaptive to local climates.

But don’t underestimate desalination. It is a tricky process. It requires a lot of energy and it has had an environmental impact… until now.

OceansX will operate a living lab for all technologies to openly test and integrate towards our common objective – 1000m3 of drinking water per 24hrs and a zero footprint.

This quadruple helix open innovation structure will connect between users, scientists, entrepeneurs and policymakers. It will generate cross-sectoral benefits from maritime technology to agriculture&food and smart city concepts.

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